SIP Trunking

Zen Communications provides comprehensive features and unmatched flexibility on our SIP trunks. You can keep your existing phone numbers when moving to our service; our porting experts will make sure your numbers are moved safely, and you retain ownership of your numbers.

We are compliant to SIP standards, meaning we have a high rate of interoperability with various PBX systems. In the event your PBX does not support SIP trunks, we can connect to your PBX via T1/PRI.

Our Services Include:

  • Inbound toll-free and national service
  • Outbound national and international calling
  • DID phone number inventory in all 50 states and many international locations
  • Automatic failover to another PBX or phone number in the event of a PBX issue
  • Carrier-level forwarding available for all phone numbers
  • Geographically redundant servers to insure call completion
  • 411 Directory Listing
  • Inbound and Outbound caller ID name service
  • Enhanced 911 (E911)